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The oil portrait above holds a special place in my heart - it shows a 4-generation "family
tree" of my dearest dogs that have been,  and continue to be,  the"Imperial Foundation".

, was our foundation bitch (tri pictured at 12 o'clock).  Carrying on,
her son,
CAN. CH. IMPERIAL'S FINAL ASSAULT (pictured at 3 o'clock), along with her
CAN. CH. IMPERIAL'S ARTIST'S PALETTE (pictured at 6 o'clock), and her
CAN. CH. IMPERIAL'S MiLADY ISABELLA (pictured at 9 o'clock).  This
lovely oil portrait was rendered by the wonderful artist,
Cassandra Whitlock, of
. I cannot thank her enough for capturing the "Imperial Look" in my dogs via
her painting.